About Poplar Notary

About Poplar Notary

Who is Poplar Notary?

What could be easier than getting your documents signed online and notarized without hassle? That’s exactly what we are all about at Poplar Notary!

We’re a small team of remote online notary publics based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, distance or location is no barrier for us. We are able to offer easy, convenient and secure virtual notarization services from anywhere in the world!

At Poplar Notary, we recognize that your time is valuable, which is why whether you are at home, abroad, or at a real estate closing, a Poplar Notary Public is available to assist you online.

No need to take a trip across town or worry about dealing with complicated, difficult or cumbersome paper works. From anywhere you are in the world, our team of experienced online notary publics will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your notary request is completed accurately.

Once you know the notary act that you need to perform, all you need to do is answer security questions to verify your identity, and upload the completed form to be notarized and get it sent back to you via mail. You are good to go!

At Poplar Notary, we’ve set out to redefine what trust means in this digital age. We believe that every transaction online should be safe and secure. This is why we go a step further by ensuring that all our notaries are licensed and Pennsylvania State Commissioned Notary Public. They can also be searched on the Pennsylvania’s State Department notary Database to verify their identity and guarantee trust.

Our goal is to deliver a highly personalized concierge notarization service to you at your convenience.

Meet Our Lead Notary

Willie Edwards

Lead Notary

Commissioned in: Pennsylvania

Commission ID: #1383651

Commission Expires: 10/23/2024

“The most rewarding part of being a notary is seeing the relief on clients faces when they realize having something notarized is much easier than they thought.”